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Uh Uh Uh Uh

Look, I am no fan of President Bush. I didn't vote for him in 2000 or 2004, mostly because I felt that he was not qualified for the position. I don't agree with much of his political philosophy (which, by the way, could hardly be described as conservative.) However, I try to avoid criticizing the President on a personal level. I always hear or read about how the President is such a charming guy in person. He even successfully utilizes his "country bumpkin" image to his electoral advantage. I don't think there can be much doubt, however, that this President, George W. Bush is THE WORST public speaker in presidential history. His answers to questions are so incoherent that he would be better off not holding any press conferences. I heard one of his conferences this morning on my way to work. His answers were so full of "uhs" that one can hardly believe his handlers would ever set him in front of a microphone. His jokes are lame and often inappro…