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37 Reasons I Love My Wife

Hi honey,

In honor of your 37th birthday, here are 37 reasons I love you:

37. The dimple on your chin
36. You gave me your white truck
35. You chose me over your demonic cat, Tucker
34. You do 99.9% of my laundry
33. You were born in the same hospital as me, in Washington, PA
32. You go to watch the Steelers games at Minsky's with me
31. You let me go to watch the Steelers games by myself when you don't feel like going
30. Your name is Sharon, which I think is awesome
29. You enjoy eating at 54th Street with me
28. You indulge me when I have injuries/sickness
27. You cook most of the food that I eat
26. You like to go to the movies with me
25. You let Dominic and I play video games
24. You can set-up Ben's train sets
23. You take all of the pictures for our family (and, put together excellent scrapbooks!)
22. You like books
21. You tell me I'm good at grilling, even though I know I'm not
20. You thought it would be cool to have pierogies at our wedding reception
19. …