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Patience is a Virtue

That I don't have!

Weekend with Dominic

Sharon had her semi-annual scrapbook weekend, so Dominic and I got to hang out together for the second weekend in a row. Ben stayed up at Sharon's parents for the sake of all of our sanity. Dominic and I have really gotten to enjoy these weekends together--we call them Domi/Daddy weekends. We made several stops at Blockbuster, went out to eat, went swimming and lazed around the house. We also finished reading our latest book, Shiloh, which we both really enjoyed.

In other news, Ben started at his new day care today. Big adjustment, but it sounds like he did o.k. We are looking forward to having him in a more structure environment, and the school seems really nice.

I bought a gas grill last week, and started to put it together yesterday. I worked on it for about 3 hours, and I'm only halfway done. I should have bought an assembled model. This is not something I want to screw up either, so I don't blow up my house. Anyway, I'm going to try to get it finished up…

Fitness Week in Review (8/24/08)

I had a pretty good week of exercise. I made it to the gym every day, used the ab-lounge a few days, did pushups every day, did some jumprope reps one day and lifted weights twice. Not bad, even though I did lose every single game of basketball I played. I was really happy with my run on the treadmill on Friday, where I was able to run a 5K in under 31 minutes, at a pace of 6.0 mph. I hadn't been able to do that for a long time.

Next week, we are going to Iowa over the weekend, so I want to make sure that I have a great week at the gym, and that I do the everyday little things that will help--taking the stairs, parking further away at work, doing pushups, doing situps, jumprope, etc.

Removing a password that was created in a previous version from an Access 2007 database

Earlier this week I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to remove a password from an Access 2007 database (file extension .accdb). The database was created in a previous version of access and subsequently "upgraded" to the Access 2007 format. I believe some type of a wizard was used to perform the "upgrade."

The security model is evidently different in Access 2007 than in previous versions. It doesn't appear that you can set/unset database passwords. Instead, in Access 2007, there is an option to Encrypt with Password. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be logically similar to the earlier version password architecture, but there was no way that I could find to easily remove the password that had been created in the earlier version when using the Access 2007 interface. Access security has always been confusing to me, and I need to take the time someday to understand how the security model is supposed to work in Access 2007.


2nd Annual Dad/Dominic End of Summer Trip

Last year Dominic and I went to the Iowa State Fair the weekend before he began 2nd grade. I thought it might be fun to start a tradition of going on a trip with Dominic the last weekend before each of his summer vacations end. With that in mind, we planned a fishing trip for last week, and then headed up to Iowa for the remainder of the weekend. We both had a great time!

Wednesday, August 13
I snuck out of work about an hour early so that we could get a head start on our trip to Osage Beach, where we had a room booked at the Econo Lodge. It was a smooth trip, both of us excited about being out of Kansas City and on a mini-vacation. We arrived at Osage Beach around 8:30, checked into our motel and grabbed a bite to eat at Arby's. Dominic even swam a little bit at the outdoor pool at the hotel, although he didn't enjoy being in the pool by himself at night, even though I was right there next to the pool.

Thursday, August 14
The big fishing day! I hired a guide to take us out…