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Standing on the doorstep of history

Tomorrow is Election Day 2008. I'm voting for Barack Obama.
I haven't written much lately about politics. Heck, I haven't written much lately about anything. However, I wanted to note on the eve of the election exactly whom I will be voting for here in the swing state of Missouri.
I was once a big John McCain fan. In 2000, I enthusiastically supported him in the rough primaries against W. I still wish that he would have won at that time. I think he would have made a much better president than our current one. However, like so many others, Obama has capture my imagination. This, in and of itself, is not enough to support someone for president. In fact, alone, it would be a dangerous reason to support someone. However, Obama has proven himself over the past couple of years to be all things a president should be. I am eagerly anticipating his acceptance speech tomorrow night.

And, in a Shakespearian twist of fate, Obama's grandmother, one of the key figures in his…