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Enchained by flesh travels just begun, Green eyes widen to a vast unknown, Now forty-odd trips 'round the time-keeping sun, A one-way flight toward an unknown home.
Near to ten years outliving the light, In vain his way striving to pursue, Yet before slipping into that last goodnight, There's so much left that I long to do.
Charmed by bewitching fair tendrils curled, Passion erupts from hope that's fertile, Time melts to a stop when on top of the world, A fleeting glance becomes eternal.
A teenage week would last forever, Eternal instant with subtle hope, Joy abounding, Satan angry, but clever, Greasing the clock gears with poison soap.
When my corpus melts to ashen dust, And tomorrow is but distant past, Is there anyone anywhere I can trust, To save the piece of me that will last?
Imagine a world that's stripped away, Of mere time, the soul's crude opponent, Heaven and Hell assume the form of today, Immortal life becomes this moment.