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Pittsburgh: City of Champions 2009

I may never see another year like this one as a Pittsburgh sports fan! What a ride! The Pens got to run through some of their biggest rivals in route to the franchise's third Stanley Cup. First, they took care of the Flyers in six games. Nothing new under the sun:) Next up, Alex Ovechkin and his merry band of over-hyped skaters. It took 7 games, but it was well worth it to see the blowout in Game 7. That one should leave a mark. The Carolina series was somewhat anticlimatic, with the 4 game sweep. However, it did involve Malkin's Hat Trick game in Game 2, and Miro Satan getting into a fight. Crazy! Then, the Red Wings. Oh, how sweet it was to defeat Hossa, the Benedict Arnold of hockey who defected last year from the Pens to join the Red Wings because they game him the "best chance to win the cup." Hollywood couldn't have scripted it any better, with the Red Wings/Pens rematch, and Hossa not scoring a single goal in the 7 game series. It was definite…