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Pennsylvania Vacation 2008

Last week, we packed our bags and bolted for Western Pennsylvania. It was our first extended visit to the area since 2004, and Benny's first visit ever. I believe that this is the longest that I have ever gone in my lifetime without setting foot on Pennsylvania soil. While we had dreary weather the entire trip, and we are all exhausted, it was wonderful to visit with old friends and relatives. I couldn't believe the week went by so quickly--the whole trip seems like some kind of a foggy and distant memory.

Friday, March 14
Scrambling to get to the airport at 6:20 AM for our 7:50 AM flight, we barely made our flight and were the last passengers on the plane. My miscalculation--Spring Break. We were in the baggage-check line for an hour, and the security line for nearly a half hour. As I was waiting to be patted down by a male TSA authority, I was making plans in my head of how to reschedule our flight for later in the day. Thankfully, we made it in the nick of time. The flight at…

Last Week = Bad Week

March 2008 hasn't gotten off to a particularly exceptional start. Last Saturday, March 1, was Dominic's birthday celebration--a limo ride and night at the Great Wolf Lodge. I think he enjoyed it well enough, but I was grouchy most of the time because it was stressful. It was nice having my family in town to help celebrate, but I wish we would have gotten to spend more time with them. I felt like we were holed up in our little room at the lodge, and we didn't even spend that much time at the waterpark. However, as long as Dominic enjoyed himself and has good memories of the occasion, then I am o.k. with the whole thing.

Last Monday, I woke up with a fever and missed work. Of course, it's never easy missing a Monday, because it just throws me off kilter for the rest of the week. I immediately get behind in e-mails, and spend most of the week trying to play catch-up. My fever subsided, but I spent most of the rest of the week tired and worn out. It didn't hel…

R.I.P. Mary Reynolds

I talked with my mom last night, and she informed me that my grandmother's dependable neighbor of around 50 years, Mary Reynolds, passed away last week. This was particularly sad since we are going to Pennsylvania to visit my grandmother next week, and would surely have stopped over to visit Mary. It is rare in this day and age to have neighbors for a half-a-century. My grandmother and Mary have born witness to each others triumphs, tribulations, celebrations and tragedies over most of their adult lives. Mary's family is in my thoughts and prayers.