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Out of the Darkness

One advantage of not having a large blog following is that I don't worry about disappointing people when I go two weeks without posting. I don't think I would have the mental stamina to maintain a site like kottke, even if I were as talented. Heck, I have trouble just keeping up reading blogs. Nevertheless, I enjoy blogging, mostly because it gives me a way to think critically about my own life and thoughts. It is a tool to help me achieve self-awareness, if nothing else.

Some present thoughts:

Saturday, I ran my longest race ever at the Hospital Hill run in downtown Kansas City. It was a 12K (a little over 7 miles for non-metric people such as myself.) It was definitely the furthest I've ever run at one time in my life. I think my previous record was 5 miles. My time was not all that great (about 88 minutes), but my goal was to finish without walking, and that I accomplished. The course had some hills, but hill don't bother me too much when I run.
Yesterday (S…