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Proudly Humble?

A snippet of ongoing mental dialog inside my cranium runs something like the following:
Brain Voice One: "I am a talented (logician) (thinker)(writer) (analyst) (kisser) (etc.)" Brain Voice Two: "Wait a second.  What makes you think you are talented?" Brain Voice One: "Well, I've had people tell me that I do task 'x' well, and I've often been satisfied with things that I've produced or accomplished." Brain Voice Two: "Surely there are better talents out there than you!" Brain Voice One: "Well, sure.  But do I really need to compare myself to other people to validate my talents?" Brain Voice Two: "How do you evaluate if you are good or not unless you measure it against other people?  Isn't goodness/badness relative?  We are either better or worse than others.  Or, at least our work is better or worse than other work." Brain Voice One: "This is getting off track.  It makes me feel guilty for desiri…