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Rocco Goes the Distance!

I am not that big of a golf fan. I enjoy playing a few times a year, and I'll watch some matches here and there, usually if my Dad or someone else is watching and I just happen to be around. This past Saturday, I was beat from a full day in the sun, so I flipped on the TV in the evening, and there began my journey into captivation by Rocco Mediate. At first, I noticed his easy going style and his penchant for chatting with the fans. I thought this was cool. Next, I learned that he was 45 years old with a history of back problems and was trying to become the oldest player ever to win a U.S. Open--what would have been his first major victory. Then, I found out he was from Western Pennsylvania! I became an immediate fan. I did not see the match on Sunday, but I was glued to a live stream feed on my computer Monday afternoon. That was the most enjoyment I've ever had watching golf. What a battle of epic proportions. While I would have loved to see Rocco come out on top,…