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A Son's Tribute

Over the past few difficult weeks, on more than one occasion, I've been overtaken with the impulse to pick up the phone and call my mom. That would be standard practice for me in times of trouble or celebration. I wonder if this impulse will ever subside? I read recently that the hardest part about losing a parent is that we no longer feel like a child. It is nearly impossible for me to imagine the rest of my life without my mom. And so, I am taking things day by day, as she would suggest I do.

There are so many seemingly contradictory feelings running through my mind. Regret for the memories yet to be made, but thankfulness for the treasure of memories that we have. Sorrow for the quick progression of a beastly disease, but gratefulness for the shortened suffering. Sadness for not having had a few more meaningful conversations, but peace with knowing that nothing important was left unsaid.

Mom was a person of passion. She invested everything in her relationships with her friends an…

On The Riddle of Life

On The Riddle of Life

As I reflect on how a life consists
Of breaths and steps throughout the days and years
And Love, though sometimes painful, yet persists
To keep us moving through our trials and tears.
The riddle vexes scientists and saints
Alike they cannot answer why we’re here
Or where we’ll go and so we all may fear
Meaningless in the picture that God paints.
But Faith and Hope and Love are gifts He gave
For use in times that cut us like a knife
Holding us aloft when there are no cures
We need not fear the darkness or the grave
And sickness though it robs us of our life
The body leaves us yet the soul endures.

--by Eric Matthew Vajentic, lovingly dedicated to the memory of my mother, Judith Ann LaPosta Vajentic.

Prayers of the Faithful

The following were the prayers of the faithful offered at my mom's memorial mass, written by her niece Liz and recited by her sister-in-law Anna Kathryn:

Our response to the prayers of the faithful is, Lord hear our prayer.

Judy was loved deeply by her parents and brothers. May the emptiness that is felt by Florence, Robert and Eugene be filled with the love and prayerful support of many friends and family. We pray to the Lord.

Judy was a dedicated and loving wife of Rick, whom she affectionately called Giz. May their shared love sustain him and may her memory comfort him. We pray to the Lord

Judy was a nurturing and devoted mother of Eric and Lynae. May the life lessons they learned from her keep her alive in their hearts and be shared in her honor. We pray to the Lord

Judy was an amazing grandmother of Dominic, Benny and Reegan. May they remember all the good times they shared with Gramma Judy and pray to her when they miss her. We pray to the Lord

Judy was a compassionate listener wh…