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Rowing up a Storm!

I've been exercising like a lunatic over the past couple of months, and I'm starting to see it pay off on the rowing machine (IMO, one of the toughest cardio workouts at the gym). After only being able to row over 7500 meters/30 minutes once in over a year, I have now achieved that milestone 4 consecutive times! I am very proud of this accomplishment. Rowing more often has obviously helped, but I've also been playing intense basketball and racquetball a couple of times each week. I've also been lifting an average of twice a week, which is just fine by my standards. Things I still need to improve on: I'd like to integrate push-ups and sit-ups back into my life on a daily basis, and I also need to seriously address my diet. For all of the cardio work I've been doing, I'm not losing weight. I'm maintaining, which is o.k., but I've got a long way to go to get to 200 lbs, which is where I should be. Some of the slow weight loss might be because …