Last night, my sister Lynae and I took my son Dominic to see the movie Brother Bear. He did not seem too excited about going to the movie, but once we got there, we had a blast. We all enjoyed the movie about a young man that is transformed into a bear so that he can better understand the interconnectedness of all living things.

My diet this week has been terrible. I must begin to exercise more control over my taste buds and hunger pangs. I have been exercising on a regular basis, but exercise is only half of the equation when I'm trying to lose weight and stay healthy.

I received a bill today from LabOne for bloodwork done back in June of this year. I don't know why my insurance hasn't paid. It is tedious dealing with insurance and medical bills. I guess I am going to have to call LabOne to see if the charges were even submitted to my insurance, because checking my files didn't reveal any payment or denial for these services. I hope I don't get stuck paying the bill in full, which is approximately $150.


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