Today's Upper Room Thought for the Day is: Seek God's kingdom first and last.
I am cognizant of the kingdom of worldly treasures that I am erecting. As this kingdom grows, it is harder for me to see God's kingdom, and my worldly treasures become roadblocks between God and I. Upon reflection, the disparity between my wealth and those less fortunate is striking. One of the examples in today's meditation was about coats. There are people without coats, yet I have 4 or 5, most of them seldom worn. The multiple coats are part of my worldly kingdom. I own them. I possess them. Yet, I understand that this type of wealth is transient. It could disappear at any time, and most definitely will disapper when I die. Building a kingdom with God's treasures is more lasting. I can take it with me into eternity. It is hard to give up worldly treasure. At the same time, when done with an open and loving heart, giving is one of the best feelings in the world, and a clear pathway to sense God's presence.

I have a Junior Achievement appointment on Friday, beginning at 12:44. Don's class is working on forms of business, particularly sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations.


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