Fortunatley, I just now remembered my fitness assessment appointment is scheduled for this afternoon at 4:30. It is now 4:15. I was planning on going to the gym this afternoon after work, but I had completely forgotten about my fitness assessment. I should get into the habit of checking my daily outlook calander each morning as I open my inbox. In fact, I'm sure I could change an Outlook setting so that my calander is visible every time I look at my inbox.

I have read some interesting industry articles today, one about the biotech industry and research related to the human genome. Experts from pharmaceutical compaines said that there are currently so many possibilities to research, that it has been difficult to make their gambles pay off thus far. But, a leading expert in the field suggested that human genome research would be making major contributions to disease and medicine by 2015. I wonder what kind of ethical issues will arise out of this research. What does it mean to alter or manage someone's genes? Do we sacrifice some of the variability that is inherent in humanity to that we can live disease free?


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