I read an article this afternoon about Britian's "cloning watchdog" authority evaluating an application to clone embryos for therapeutic purposes, such as treating an incurable disease like diabetes. Evidently, Britian has strict anti-cloning laws to prevent the quest to create "designer-babies", but flexibility allows the use of cloning for some therapeutic purposes. Some people think that it is unethical to create a clone of a human embryo for the sole purpose of research and/or therapy. I don't have a clear opinion on the ethical issues surrounding cloning at this point. But, I lean towards the view that cloning of embryos is acceptable for the creation of stem-cells that could be used to treat disease. On the other hand, I dislike the gruesome idea of a "baby" being frozen for years, and used to assist in the health of a "sibling". I'm just not sure I consider a cloned embryo a "baby", or "a human life" for that matter. There has to be a distinction made between what constitutes a human life, and what is not a human life. This is the question that I would like to obtain a clearer answer for myself.


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