I'm tired of being sick. I've got some type of a bug with cold-like symptoms. It started on Saturday after running in the 5K down in Shawnee. Throughout the afternoon, I began to feel soreness in my throat and sinus area. We were at Worlds of Fun the whole afternoon and evening, where I was feeling progressively worse. Sunday I was worthless, sleeping and laying in bed for a large majority of the day. Today, I feel weak and the soreness has seemed to have moved to my chest. Hopefully that means it is on its way out!!

We had a good time at Worlds of Fun, despite my ailment. Dominic was a little grumpy at first, but he really lightened up after awhile. He enjoyed some of the rides, and he wanted me to ride with him. That was cool, because usually he wants mama to do everything with him. So, even though these were spinny rides that could make me barf, I agreed to ride them with him. He loved the viking voyager water ride. He also liked playing the watergun game, and shooting the guns at the targets. Overall, we had a lot of fun! As we were getting ready to leave the park around 10:00, it started to storm. The electricity went out for a brief time. That was interesting. I'm glad we weren't stranded on a ride when that happened. Dominic was a little bit scared when the lights first went out, but he recovered and we ended up walking to the car in the pouring rain. We made it home after retrieving our car from Rapid Ways (Jim's workplace), where he kindly let us into the garage to switch the car seat without getting wet.

My 5K run time was around 30:45, or maybe near 31 minutes. I didn't see the time as I crossed the finish line, but I noticed it was over 30 as I was approaching. Overall, this is not bad considering that I have not been running a lot, and that I have only recently been doing cardio work with any regularity.


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