In memory of Mattie Stepanek

I just heard on the radio that Mattie Stepanek died yesterday, June 22, 2004. The world lost, but heaven gained, an inspirational, loving and genuine person. Mattie was clearly a catalyst for positive change in the world, and I have always been touched by his story. I have read some of his poetry, and it is extremely moving and inspirational, especially considering it is written by a young boy with a terrible disease. His poetry stands on its own merit, or course. But, the circumstances which Mattie struggled with are an additional inspiration provided with his poetry. I pray that his mother, who has now lost 4 children to the terrible disease that claimed Mattie's life, finds peace in knowing that Mattie has contributed more to humanity than his short number of years would lead anyone to expect or believe. Mattie, God willing, I look forward to meeting you in heaven.


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