Music and Memories

On the way home from the gym tonight, I heard the song 'One Headlight' by The Wallflowers. The song reminded me of Jeff Owenson, and playing basketball with UIHC folks at Oakdale campus in Iowa City. I remember Jeff singing a Wallflowers song out there one time. It's weird how music can bring back the strangest memories, and how we associate particular memories with songs. I rarely, if ever, think of Jeff Owenson, except when I hear the Wallflowers. I probably think of him 95-100% of the time that I hear a Wallflowers song. I also think of Bruce from Iowa City, and how he told me at the Taco Bell drive-through on our way to a Smashing Pumpkins concert, that the lead singer of the Wallflowers was the son of Bob Dylan. I remember that he couldn't remember Bob Dylan's name at first, and that this revelation surprised me.

Some strange thoughts about the power of music!


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