Acapulco Mexican restaurant

This afternoon, Sharon and I went to Acapulco Mexican restaurant in North Kansas City, located just north of the Heart of America bridge.

I had a lunch special with 2 tacos, a tamale and a tostida.  The price for this combination was a little over $5.  Not bad, but I was disappointed that it cost extra for beans, rice or even cheese on the tacos (which I didn't want anyway).  Sharon did want cheese on her tacos, and I thought that it was excessive for them to be charging for cheese.  We both enjoyed our food.  The chips were free, but came in small bowls.  This was probably good for our diets, as we couldn't shove them in as fast.  The salsa was in a ketchup bottle, and didn't come with a bowl.  That made it hard to eat the chips.  We ended up using Sharon's empty rice bowl for our salsa bowl, because our waitress forgot to bring the bowl that we asked for.  Other than that, our waitress was satisfactory.  She was pleasant, and fairly attentive. 

The building itself was nice.  We had a gigantic fountain located near our table, and the artwork and architecture seemed authentically Mexican.  An old man was walking around the restaurant, and he took our payment.  I wonder if he was the owner.  I should have asked him.

Sharon said that she thought Juanito's may have been a little bit better, but that Acapulco possibly felt more authentic.  I'm not sure I agree.  I think both restaurants had good food, and both were unique in their own way.  There was definitely more space at Acapulco, and more of a "ma and pop" operation feeling at Juanitos.  If I had to choose between the two, I might pick Juanitos.  However, this would primarily be because of its closer location. 

One other interesting note: We were at Acapulco at around 12:45, and we were virtually the only people in the restaurant.  We wondered why there would not be a larger lunch crowd.  At Juanitos, people were waiting to be seated at lunch, albeit there were only about 10 tables in that restaurant.


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