Beowulf Vocabulary

Here are some words that I've marked for study from my edition of Beowulf, A Verse Translation, translated by Seamus Heaney:

throng (n)-a large crowd or multitude.--(v.i.)assemble in large numbers.--(v.t.)fill with a crowd. Eg: Happiness came back, the hall was thronged, and a banquet set forth.

alacrity (n)-cheerful willingness; eager promptitude. Eg: If I can do anything more for you, I shall act, my lord, with alacrity.

gannet (n)-a large sea bird. Eg: Across the gannet's bath, over the broad sea, whorled prows will bring presents and tokens.

whorl (n)-a spiral or coil-shaped part or pattern. Eg: See above (gannet).

prow (n)-the foremost surface of a ship; bow. Eg: See above (gannet).

hull (n)-1, the body of a ship, exclusive of masts and other superstructure. 2, the fuselage of a seaplane. 3, the shell, husk, etc. of a nut fruit, or grain.--(v.t.)remove the hull of. Eg: Then the broad hull was beached on the sand to be cargoed with treasure, horses and war-gear.

mast (n)-1, a vertical support for yards, sails, etc., on a ship. 2, any tall pole. 3, food for hogs, etc. Eg: The curved prow motioned; the mast stood high above Hrothgar's riches in the loaded hold.

hold (n)-the cargo space in a ship. Eg: see above (mast).

keel (n)-1, a central longitudinal member from which a frame is built upwards, as on a ship. 2, any central main stem, as on a leaf. Eg: Then the keel plunged and shook in the sea; and they sailed from Denmark.

moor (v)-secure (esp. a ship) in one place, by cables or anchors. Eg: With the anchor cables, he moored their craft right where it had beached, in case a backwash might catch the hull and carry it away.


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