Hate Groups

As we walked toward Kemper Arena for the Van Halen concert this past Monday, we witnessed the usual site of Fred Phelp's anti-gay hate group members picketing.  There were about 10 people holding signs that were disgusting.  I was surprised when Mark said that he had never seen them protesting before.  I have personally seen them on numerous occasions.  Every time I pass by them I get agitated, which is what they are trying to provoke.  They actually have a website dedicated to their hateful message. 

After the concert, during our meal at Denny's, Mark remarked about how similar this group is to the Ku Klux Klan.  I had never thought of that.  It is true.  Both groups thrive on hate.  They try to spread a message of hate.  What bothers me the most is that they claim that God hates sinful individuals.  I cannot accept that God hates anyone.  God may hate sin, and certain behaviors, but I don't believe that God hates any particular person.  I believe that God loves everyone, no matter what their sins. 

I'm sure that I will cross paths with Mr. Phelp's group again.  Sadly, I am always hoping that somebody would throw a punch at one of them.  However, I realize that this is precisely what they want.  They thrive on attention.  A member of their group always has a video camera on hand to record any disruptions.  There always seem to be police in the vicinity of where they are protesting. 

I'm not sure if they need to get a permit to protest, and if such a permit gives them a right to a particular location.  I think a good response to them would be to arrive at their desired location before them, or locate somewhere close to them, and hold up signs in favor of gay rights, etc. 


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