Education Degree

This fall, I will begin my journey toward an education degree. Specifically, I am starting classes at Rockhurst University in the Master of Education program, with the intention of obtaining a secondary teaching certificate. I began the application process to this program in the Spring, and I was accepted for the Summer term, but I postponed the commencement of it because of my job change from Sprint to Cerner.

Last week, I registered for two classes for the Fall semester. One of the classes is special education. The other, more ambiguously titled, is something to the effect of 'Aspects of Teaching'--I think. I bought some of the books for these classes last week when I registered, though I still think that I need to buy a couple more that were not at the bookstore yet.

This afternoon, I began to read one of the books, titled "Access to Academics for ALL Students." The authors argue in the opening chapter that 'access to academics' consists of more than participation. All students have the right to be challenged. Curriculum must be developed that equally challenges all students, no matter what disabilities or talents they may have. This sounds like a challenging proposition to me. Designing a curriculum that is accessible and challenging to those with a learning disability must not compromise the education of those without learning disabilities. The curriculum cannot simply be 'dumbed down'. It must be redesigned, with aspects included within it that simultaneously reach students at different intelligence and ability levels. This curriculum redesign goes beyond the standard understanding of special education as simply allowing students to participate in normal classroom settings.


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