Lack of Sleep

It is Wednesday night. I am writing about my lack of sleep the past two nights. I got less than 7 hours of sleep both Monday and Tuesday night. This left me tired on Tuesday morning, and extremely tired this morning. I felt the need to take a nap over my lunch hour. Understanding that this is a waste of time during my day, I would like to get enough sleep at night to wake up refreshed and energized. However, I honestly can't remember the last time that I woke up energized. Even when I do get 8 hours of solid sleep, I often wake up sluggish, and never wake up "energized". Maybe this has something to do with medication that I am taking. I've spoken to my doctor about this before on numerous occasions, but I've never come away with a satisfactory remedy. Could my diet be the culprit? I'd be the first to admit that my diet is nowhere near what could be considered healthy. However, I have been getting an adequate amount of exercise. Monday night, I thought that the intense workout that I had on the rowing machine and weights would help me to sleep 'like a baby". But there I was at 1 in the morning, reaching in the freezer for a popsicle, and turning the light on to read for a little bit downstairs. Then, I ended up sleeping on the couch, likely causing me quality for the little sleep that I did get. I even left the light on all night. Getting an adequate amount of sleep each night is a monthly goal of mine every month, but I never seem to achieve it. Some nights I do get to bed at a decent time, but it is never on a regular basis. I think that taking Ambian helps me to relax at night, but I don't like to take it every night. I would prefer to sleep "naturally" if I could. I will try again this month to keep track of my sleeping schedule. This would help me to look back at the end of the month to see any progress. It might also help me in any future discussi0ns with my doctor.

Speaking of my doctor, I went to Dr. Vinton last Friday to be tested for gout. He wrote me a prescription for the pain, and gave me a blood test to test the level of uric acid in my system. His nurse left a message yesterday saying that he wanted me to begin another medication. Evidently, the level of uric acid in my system was high. I should have called them back today, but I put it off. I will call them tomorrow. I also need to call the Parkville miniature golf course tomorrow to make reservations for our finance group outing.


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