Special Education Personal Reflection

For my special education class, I have to write an essay on my personal reflections of special education. The paper is due next Wednesday. Herewith, I will do some brainstorming on special education as I understand and have experienced it:

Robby Membkin, Driver's Education with Robby, Scotty Groves, Montrose grade school, retardation, paralysis, creepy feeling, chilled feeling, wheelchairs, handicapped people in sports, the special olympics, autism, Membkin's parents, Rain Man, cystic-fibrosis, ADHD, Terry Bradshaw, Ritalin, Hyperactivity, Tony Webber, nerds, cruel kids, making fun of disabilities, compassion, empathy, Crisis Center, Sharing and Caring program, Ricky, speical-education textbooks, Moffit, work programs in high-school, shop class, detention, offensiveness, school-shootings, Robby & Stacy, Chad J., Paul Abbot, difficult kids, discipline, talents, everyone is special, Christianity, Jesus' message, "The last shall be first", transcendency, flaws, the meaning of the word "special", group learning, talented kids, fairness to all learners, dragging down talented kids, different people, special accomodations, handicap access, handicap PGA golfer than wanted to use cart, spirit of competition, how much should we change "rules" or grant exceptions for handicap access (i.e. sports), Helen Keller, Beethoven?, Mozart?, Braille, causing trouble in class, wanting attention, difficulty for partents, handicapped child at our church, demand for special education teachers, difficulty for special education teachers, higher pay for special education teachers, borderline cases, sticking up for those with disabilites, Eddie Gutting, difficulty of concentrating, historically allowing certain kids to "fall through the cracks", "writing-off" the ability to educate some people, second-chances, third-chances, expulsion, following the rules, desire to learn, home environment, musical abilities, Prof. example of autistic child in Colorado Springs singing in Christmas program, shame, feeling of shame for parents, feeling of pride for parents, feeling of pride for child, relationship between economics and disability, war disabilities, Vietnam Veterans, Veteran Hospitals, inspiration, Membkin's love of Cardinals & discussion about Pirates, Membkin's love of baseball, impatience with those that are different, Ritalin, drugging, attention deficit, dyslexia, my lack of knowledge of special ed, resource rooms, retardation, gifted kids, labelling, concern for Dominic, unconditional love, empathy, the golden rule, Christian morality, difficulty of parenting a "special" needs child, sacrifice, time commitment, Rain Man, Phenomenom, apathy towards the "special needs" children, inspiration, Hellen Keller, Dexter Manley, covering learning disabilities with sports success, labelling athletes "dumb", "dumb" jocks, cliques, stereotyping.


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