Taking Lives

Sharon and I watched the movie "Taking Lives" last night. The movie starred Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke. Keifer Sutherland was also in the movie, though his part was minor.

U2's song "Bad" played during the opening and closing credits.

I would not label the movie as bad, but it certainly wasn't as good as "The Butterfly Effect", which we had seen earlier in the week. It seemed to be a standard murder mystery, serial killer, good guy/bad guy, et. al.

Both Sharon and I thought it was obvious that Ethan Hawke's character was the real bad guy, so there were not any surprises for us. The Montreal setting was interesting. The plot just didn't seem to have anything creative in it that set it apart from run-of-the-mill movies in this genre, of which "Seven" is the best.

Visually, the movie was dark. I don't particularly like watching these kind of films. I think that it is hard to see. Surely there can be a more effective way to contribute to the idea of "darkness" than by simply making the film dark.

Sharon complained about Angelina Jolie's big lips. I thought that she did a fine job in the movie. I also thought Ethan Hawke did well. The fault of this movie wasn't with the acting, but with the lack of creativity in the story.


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