Weekend Reivew

This past weekend:

I had a three day weekend, thanks to Cerner's management declaring an Associate Rewards Day, and giving the entire company the day off Friday. This is one of the most creative ways that I've seen any management reward employees, and I think it worked well motivating everyone.

Yesterday Sharon, Dominic, Lynae, Jerod and I ran in the Union Station breast cancer 5K. I think it was called "Relay for Life", but I may be getting the name mixed up with another 5K. The race was huge, as in the number of people running/walking. I think that there was over 15,000 people. Jerod and I ran the 5K, which was quite hilly in my opinion, and both of us ran about 5 minutes over our average 5K time. However, it was fun running through downtown KC, and it was interesting running with so many other people. Going uphill during the first mile on Oak street, it was cool to see the street packed with runners all the way up to 11th street, where the turn was made. It looked like a scene from the Boston Marathon, or something similar. The street was literally flooded with people. Lynae, Dominic and Sharon were going to walk in the 1-mile fun run, but only Lynae completed it. I think Dominic ended up giving Sharon some trouble, and wasn't too interested in racing after all. However, he was excited when we first woke up to go to the race. I'll give him some time before entering him in the next race. Perhaps the next time, Sharon and Lynae can go, and we can get Alice to babysit Dominic. Lyane, Sharon, Dominic and I ate at Perkins on the way home. Jerod did not join us, since he was driving in the opposite direction. Dominic had fun at Perkins with the toys that he got out of a quarter machine, and we had good breakfasts. Of course, when we got home, Sharon and I were tired. Dominic wanted to watch his movie "The Tale of Tillie's Dragon" that we rented from Blockbuster, so I popped it in and tried to take a nap. I kept trying to get Domi to watch cartoons so that I could keep trying to take a nap. Probably not the best thing to do, but I was tired. Anyway, Sharon came down from her nap, and I proceeded to go upstairs to our bed to take a "real" nap. In the evening, Sharon, Dominic and I went to eat at Tomfooleries at Zona Rosa, and to Barnes and Noble. Tomfooleries was good. We ate at a table outside, Dominic was well behaved, the service was good, and the food was good. I had an interesting burger: A Bacon Peanut Butter burger. Sounded strange, but tasted good.

I began reading Billy Budd, written by Herman Melville, on Sunday. Sunday night at B&N, I bought the Cliffs Notes, because it is a difficult read.


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