Controversy over CBS Bush military service story

I've done some catching up on this story. I was on vacation last week when the story originally aired on CBS, with the documents in question. I read an artcile in Time magazine last night summarizing the controversy. CBS is standing by its story, asserting that the documents are authentic. Bush allies are calling the documents forgeries. Experts can't agree, and are arguing over things such as when Times New Roman font was invented. It's all somewhat surreal. Pardon me, but I don't think the document controversy has that much bearing on the crux of the story, which is that President Bush, along with many other well connected kids, got preferential treatment during the Vietname draft, and was allowed to serve stateside instead of overseas. Sure, it would not be good for CBS to be airing forged documents. However, the real focus should be on whether it was appropriate for Bush to have been able to serve in the National Guard as opposed to being sent overseas. That type of treatment exemplifies a major flaw in the draft, and explains why the proportion of those serving in Vietnam, and those killed, was weighted toward middle and low income kids. The entire document controversy is actually benefitting Bush's campagin because it is taking attention away from the underlying issue. For this issue, whether the documents are real or fake makes no difference to me. However, for journalistic integrity, I think the matter should be investigated and resolved as best as possible.

Update: I just ran accross this AP article that concurs with my sentiments, and articulates them better than I did.


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