LAUNCH music video player

Yesterday on Yahoo! I came across the Launch Music Service. There was an advertisement on Yahoo's front page for videos, including U2. I clicked the link, and it began to play a U2 video, surprisingly quickly in my opinion. There was no need to download extra software, which was a plus. Of course, the video was not 100% clear on my computer screen, but the audio was great. I plan on spending more time exploring this service.

I noticed yesterday, after watching a few videos, I had to sign into Launch with my Yahoo! ID and password. I had to do this again when viewing a video today.

Today, I used the full screen view, which was pretty clear. I like this service! So far, there is no indication that I will have to pay for anything to continue using it. There are ads that play before each video, so that is obviously how Yahoo receives some revenue for the service.


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