Multicultural Education

I am trying to come up with a research question for one of my education classes this semester. The research project needs to be about multicultural education. I would like to do something along the lines of religious diversity. According to the technical research textbook I've been reading, religious diversity in school would be my topic. However, I need to narrow this topic down into a distinct research question. Some of the angles that I've been looking at are:

How does religious diversity in the classroom contribute to education? Tolerance?

This could be an interesting theme, considering intolerance about religion is responsible for so much of the world's problems.

Here is some brainstorming:

We shouldn't ignore religion in the classroom. This is not the solution to battling religious intolerance.

Is battling religious intolerance a worthy goal of public schools?

How could we design curriculums to teach about the value of religious diversity?

Creation vs Evolution debate; KS public schools

Religious clothing in schools. What are the policies of public schools?

Government funded vouchers for religious schools. Would these promote diversity or stratification?

Ignorance. Education should be about overcoming ignorance.

Gay/Lesbian support groups in public schools.


Gary Bauer--conservative fundamentalist.

Religion in the public schools.

Sex education; condoms

Federal Equal Access Law.

Legally teaching religion in public schools. Is this a good idea? Similar link.

Would praying in public schools benefit students? Silent prayer time?

Religious holidays.

Bible as part of the literature canon?


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