Will Nadar take votes from Bush?

I wouldn't have thought this likely, but something I read on a military weblog a few days ago made me think about it. A soldier from Iraq posted his thoughts about the upcoming election. His unit is trying to register him and his group to vote via absentee ballot. While he noted that he could not say anything bad about his 'commander in chief', he didn't necessarily say anything good about him either. He also noted that he would never be able to vote for Kerry, mainly due to his protest actions following the Vietnam War, especially the throwing of his medals at the White House. Then, he said that he was seriously considering voting for Nadar as an F-U vote. Interesting. I wonder how many people are out there like this soldier. They don't like Kerry, but they also don't like the mess that they perceive Bush to have gotten the country into. Especially military people, whose tours have been extended, and who a pseudo-draft has been imposed via stop-loss policies. Liberals are not the only people that are frustrated with the status quo of politics, and the two-party domination that exists.


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