Champaign, IL Trip

Lynae rode with Sharon, Dominic and I to Darin Smith's wedding in Champaign, IL this past Saturday. We were in the car for approximately 18 hours of the weekend. We stayed over night in Effingham, IL on Friday night at a Days Inn, and we stayed in Champaign on Saturday night at a Country Inn and Suites. I'm giving up on Days Inns after a few bad experiences in a row.

The big cross in Effingham, IL is cool. Dominic said it was where Teen Titans lived. That gave us a chuckle.

The wedding and reception were fine as far as they go. Nothing spectacular or unexpected happened. I missed half of the wedding ceremony in the basement with Dominic when he had to go to the bathroom.

Darin and his wife appear to make a good couple, but how does one judge such things. I wish them luck!


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