Economist economists poll

I was surprised to read in the Economist that a poll of economists asking which presidential candidate's policies were better for the economy resulting in the selection of John Kerry. Normally, economists tend to be a pretty conservative bunch, especially when it comes to fiscal policies. Granted, as the magazine noted, many academics are endlessly liberal. Still, I found it interesting that many economists are worried about George Bush's economic policy, especially the size of his tax cuts and the fiscal deficit. They did not seem to worry much about the trade deficit, which makes sense, since most economists see a value in free trade. Are the Democrats becoming the party of fiscal sanity??


Sean said…
i think it's WAYYY too early to say the Dems are the party of fiscal sanity. it doesn't follow that because Bush is wacko on the budget that the Repubs are insane and the Dems are same. HE is certainly insane.

remember when his dad accused the Democrats of 'tax and spend'? what's worse than 'tax and spend'? CUT taxes and spend!
Eric said…
I agree. It is too early to jump to conclusions. But, at the same time, it is times like these when party realignments are conceived and incubated.
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