Hawkeye Homecoming 2004

On October 2, Sharon and I were at the Iowa Hawkeye homecoming football game against Michigan State. The Hawkeyes won a rather lopsided game. I was pretty cold for early October, but I loved it!! Great football weather.

We met Jag before the game, but we didn't have seats with him. He bought a seat from a scalper. Jag had flown in from Colorado for the game. We spent most of the weekend with him, up through Sunday afternoon when we went to the Sports Column to watch the Steelers/Bengals game. That was good also, because the Steelers won.

We all stayed in one motel room to save on money. We stayed at the AmericInn in Coralville, south of North Liberty. I can't remember the name of the Highway it is on. I think it is either Hwy. 1 or 6. Oh, who cares?! It was a nice motel. Very comfortable.

We went to the mall on Saturday (which was also Sharon's 32nd birthday!) I got her some gifts that she was able to open up later that night at the motel. That was fun.

We ate in downtown Iowa City on Saturday night at a resturaunt named Atlas. I had never been there before. It is relatively new. It had good food!! A lot about downtown Iowa City has changed since I've lived there, and definitely since I've been in school. The bars seem to be more sophisticated, which is good, although I probably wouldn't have liked it that way when I was a student. We were suprised that more people were not out and about on Saturday night. The town seemed kind of dead, especially after a home football game. Of course, the game was over by about 2 pm.

It is always nice to get back to Iowa City. I've had both good times and bad there, but it is a large part of my history, no doubt! I like the town.


Sean said…
ahh, football saturdays in Iowa City. that's a great memory.

Hwy 965, just north of Hwy 6. we actually stayed there the second night of our marriage.

downtown has really piped down since the construction of the Evil Mall (i'm exaggerating slightly). the Old Capitol Mall is really dead. i think the U should buy it and turn it into a new student center.

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