Weight Watchers

I'm starting the Weight Watchers program today. I'll give it a shot to see how it works. I think that it might help both Shaon and me to be on the same program. I'm not actually going to my first meeting until Thursday, but I'm starting to count my points today. I weighed myself on our adjusted home scale last night: 229. That's not as bad as I feared. So far today, I've been eating healthy!


Sharon Jo said…
The best of luck to you as you start on your WW journey. I do think it will help if both of us follow the same program and can support each other. It's 14 weeks to the beach--my goal is to lose at least 30 pounds by then. Yes we can!
Sean said…
can we lose it?!

(that was a Bob the Builder reference, right? :-)
Eric said…
To Sean: Yes we can!! :)

Well, the first day went well, and I'm doing good the second day. The journey of 1000 miles begins with one (or two) steps!
Sharon Jo said…
That's right! We're on the job, Bob! :-)
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