Why I am voting for John Kerry

***Outdated post. I had begun this narrative back in early October, and found it in my archived drafts. I thought I would post it anyway, as undeveloped as it is.***

I must first state that I would most likely vote for anyone that is opposing President Bush. I have never been a Bush supporter or fan. I don't respect the protected bubble that he has been able to live his life under. I don't particularly like his "Texas" attitude. I think he intermingles his religion too much with his governance. I think he is dishonest and unethical. Most of all, I dislike the broad themes of his political philosophies. The Democrats would have had to nominate an obvious moron for me to have voted for Bush. Even if the Democrats had done this, I might have voted for Nader. This being said, I have come to like Kerry over the course of the campaign season.


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