World Series as an Election Preview??

I'm sure that this has been reported on sports and/or political shows, but I have not seen it. I just thought last night--if the Red Sox pull off a miracle and end up defeating the Yankees in 7 games, and the Astros win one of two games in St. Louis, we will have a World Series pitting Texas against Massachusetts. Remind anyone of a certain political contest being waged this fall? I've seen everything from the NYSE, the Iowa Electronic Markets and the Farmer's Alamanc cited as a predictor of elections. Why not the championship of America's pastime? Alas, at this point I am fearing that the Red Sox have about as good of a chance as John Kerry at winning--not good, but possible. Also, it is interesting that I am neither a huge fan of the Red Sox, or John Kerry, but I am rooting for both of them because I intensely dislike their opponents.


tjirwin said…
Interesting concept: baseball as a predictor for an election. I too have a deep-seeded loathing of the Yankees and have been pulling for the Red Sox (what a game last night, kudos to the umpires for the reversal to two bad calls!). If the Sox manage the impossible though, I will most certainly root against them as I believe they and the Yankees epitomize the lack of parity in MLB. However, my political comparison is similar. Though no great supporter of President Bush and all of his policies, I don't believe Kerry is the right man for the job (much like I don't want the Red Sox to with the World Series). Thus if Houston and Boston advance to the Series, I will be on the Texas bandwagon (Bush and Astros), albeit with little passion other than rooting against the opponent. Side note: as he was a Pirate on the ’79 World Series team, I’d like to see Phil Garner win.
Eric said…
Todd-thanks for stopping by to comment. It sounds like our logic is the same, but that we are on different sides. The Red Sox pulled it off last night! I can't believe it. I don't like either Houston or St. Louis, mostly because they are in the Bucs' division. At the same time, I do like the Phil Garner connection, and I like Tony Womack. Plus, I think it would be funny if the Red Sox blow another chance at a title. So, in the end, I won't really care who wins. It was AWESOME though, to see the Yankees lose!!!!!
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