Big Ben's Game In Southern Ohio

The mighty neo-Steel Curtain reared its wrath on Sunday, primarily in the second half of the game against the Cincinnatti Bengals. The defense was certainly a primary contributor to the latest Steeler victory, as it has been all year. At 9-1, the Steelers still sit atop the NFL, with a weak Washington Redskin team coming to Pittsburgh next weekend.

Unfortunately, I have read excerpts from columnists that regarded Big Ben's effort on Sunday as befitting a "rookie", which adjective, of course, accurately describes him. The contention from the majority of the articles I looked at seems to be that Ben played the worst game of his short carreer on Sunday. While this may be true, I take exception to the statements that suggest he "played like a rookie." In fact, Ben had an excellent game. Assisted by another exemplary effort from Jerome Bettis, Ben led the team into the red zone multiple times in the first half, only to see sacks and penalties preventing points. Granted, some of the sacks can be partially attributed to Ben. And his fumble at the end of the first half was certainly his fault alone. However, these few mistakes hardly cancel out the clutch throws he made when they were most needed, the fact that he threw zero interceptions, had an excellent completion percentage and one touchdown pass. In addition, on a play in which Ben was running for his life, he scrambled long enough to find a receiver in the end zone for what appeared to be another touchdown. Unfortunately, a holding penalty was called and the score was negated. Because Ben played like a consistant veteran quarterback instead of a Hall of Fame quarterback, the press seemed justified to label his outing as a "rookie effort." Well, if this is the type of "bad" game that Ben plays, I'll take it on most Sundays. In reality, the offensive line, which is having an outstanding season, played arguably their worst game of the year with multiple penalties at bad times and poor pass protection.

Go Steelers!!

Here we go Steelers, here we go!!


Sean said…
'reared its wrath'?

maybe 'unleashed it's wrath'? ;-)

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