Bill Murray

I read a profile of Bill Murray in the December 2004 issue of Esquire. Murray was featured on the cover with a goldfish hanging out of his lips. I enjoyed the article. I have been a fan of Bill Murray's movies and his comedy. Unfortunately, his SNL stint was before my time, though I've seen a few of his highlights on the show. I did see Lost in Translation for which he was nominated for the Best Actor oscar. I thought his was a masterful performance in that film. He was funny and authentic. I've also enjoyed his previous films, especially Groundhog Day and What About Bob. He has a couple of upcoming films, one in which he plays a sailor/explorer. I'd also like to see some of his other past films, especially Rushmore, for which he won an assortment of awards. In the Esquire story, Murray comes across as an extremely intelligent individual commited to excellence. I think he stands a good chance of winning an Acedemy Award before it's all said and done.


Sean said…
i like Bill Murray a lot. unfortunately, for me, my wife can't stand him.

i thought he was a great Polonius in the Hamlet that had Ethan Hawke.
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