GI Bill

I've been wondering about the GI Bill ever since I read E.J. Dionne's recommendation to revive it in his book, "Stand Up Fight Back." I have a vague understanding of the GI Bill, which provides financial assistance to veterans of the U.S. armed services. However, I don't know much about its history or its details, both of which I'd like to better understand. I found this website, which explains some of the history and aspects of the GI Bill.

I completely support extending extensive benefits to our veterans, especially those returning from combat. I understand that the country is in a budget crunch, but I would support reallocating money from other programs toward an enhanced GI Bill. These soldiers, who have literally lived through hell, deserve to be compensated in ways that go beyond their paltry pay. Many of them are going to return home war weary, bitter and depressed. They need as much assistance as we can give them.


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