I've got a feeling.....

Steeler fans know the rest of the phrase!!

This is the year! One for the thumb......finally!


Sharon Jo said…
oh, yeah, baby! The Steelers rock! Happy, happy feelings!!!
Sean said…
finally my eye! how about ONE for those of us with none! (eg, Vikings fans) ;-)
Mel said…
PITTSBURGH'S GOIN' TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!! Somewhere in my life's collection of things I believe I actually have a 45 of "One for the thumb in '81"!

Having been a faithful fan of the Men of Steel for well, my whole life now, I will try to NOT to get too swept up into the AMAZING goodness that is the current Steelers team. The disappointment can be crushing.

But in the meantime I wave my Terrible Towel Proudly!

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