NBA players go berserk in Detroit

This is absolutely pathetic. If Ron Artest cannot take being hit with a beer without charging into the stands and blindly throwing punches, he should not be in this league. I hope that the NBA takes severe action against Artest. It could be a win-win for the NBA and Artest, since Artest seems to want time off anyway to promote his rap album. The NBA should give him time off--and plenty of it. A season's worth? I don't think that is out of the question. Actually, Artest is likely to get his ass sued by some innocent fans. I'm not sure what criminal charges will be brought, if any. But, I wouldn't mind seeing Artest spend a day or two in jail either. His actions were simply inexcusable. No, the fan shouldn't have thrown beer on him. But, give me a break!! To charge into the stands because of this is an outrage??!!! I've been to sporting events in which I've had beer spilled on me, or thrown over me indiscrinantly by some drunken moron. Although it pisses me off when this happens, it is no reason to start punching anyone in sight.


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