No! No! The other Powell!!

Well, today is a dark day in the world of politics. One of the few men of reason in the Bush administration resigned, as expected. Colin Powell fought admirally for a multilateral approach to war, and other matters. As an experienced politician and veteran, Powell well understood the difficulties of waging war without a broad alliance. In his words, "you break it, you fix it." Not to mention, at a high cost. Let's just ask the tax payers for an additional $87 billion that we don't have because of huge tax cuts given to the wealthiest people on the planet earth.

The person that needs to resign is Mr. Powell's son, Michael, head of the FCC. In its pandering to the demands of the religious right, the FCC has decided to levy fines indiscriminately against TV stations for airing profanity. Free press? Depends on the words you use. The younger Powell seems to be taking a page from George W. Bush, who also understood that his father was not ideologically conservative enough to survive in the new fronteir of the Republican party. Michael Powell is surely positioning himself for a run at an office where he needs to be elected rather than appointed.


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