SI Jinx?

I noticed today at the gym that the Steelers are on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Does this mean that they will succumb to the legendary "Sports Illustrated Jinx", and fall to the Cincinatti Bengals this coming Sunday?

Not a chance!!!!

I've come to believe that the Steelers are the best team in the NFL. They have the most completed package of players in all facets of the game. Indeed, I think that their biggest question mark might be the head coach. I am supporting Cowher, and I like him, especially his intensity, which he seems to have found again. But, I've seem him pull some boneheaded moves in the past. Let's hope he doesn't bungle anything this year. This team is too special.

By the way, that SI jinx's about to become as relevant as the Washington Redskins predicting the outcome of the presidential election by winning or losing their last home game prior to an election date.

Go Steelers!!!!

And, by the way, go Hawkeyes too. In my excitement over the once-in-a-quarter-century-if-you're-lucky type of year that the Steelers are having, I'm trying not to lose sight of an impressive effort from the boys in black and gold from Iowa City. Given the number of injuries, youth and tough schedule, the Hawkeyes are putting together an excellent year. With a win against Wisconsin at home on Saturday, they could very easily end up in a New Year's Day bowl game, which will be great for the program.


Mel said…
While I don't have any feelings for the Hawkeyes, I AM totally psyched and amazed about the Steelers! Should we start looking at tickets to Florida? - AKKK! Are you guys in Mexico for the Superbowl???
Sean said…
man the Hawks did a great job today!

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