Some thoughts, comments and questions

George Bush has all but won the presidential election of 2004. Only a John Kerry concession stands in the way, and it is hard telling when that will take place, but it is almost a certain event.

I feel bad for voters that had to stand in line for hours. I heard some reports of voters in lines that were lasting 8 hours! I feel especially bad for these voters if the outcome was not to their liking. Fortunately, I only had to wait in line for about 3 minutes.

On a similar note, I think it is ashame that voters have to wait in line for such a long time to vote. Can't we get some more volunteers and equipment? I think elections are important enough to spend some more money on if necessary.

The electoral map looks virtually the same as it did in 2000, give or take a few small states. Admitedly, small states can make all the difference.

I am not surprised that Bush won, but I am disappointed.

I am amazed that the entire country thinks that the half of the country that doesn't agree with them just doesn't 'get it'.

I can't believe that people think that Bush is receiving a convincing mandate in this election. While he won a majority of the vote, the difference between him and Kerry nationwide is still just a few percentage points. Hardly a national mandate for support of his policies.

I think that a lot of moderates are going to be sorry that they voted for George Bush.

I think that the Democratic party is in trouble, and does not have an identity.

I am thinking about becoming a politically active Libertarian. Anymore, their views match mine more than any other political party.

I think that there will be a military draft, but I think that it will happen regardless of the winner of this election.

I can't understand why everyone is so mesmorized by this Obama guy from Illinois. I haven't seen too muchof him, but the guy is pretty green. I'll have to see more of him before I qualify him as a 'rising star'.

I was surprised to hear that Mr. Obama is only the fifth black person to be elected to the U.S. Senate. I am wondering if I heard this correctly. If so, it is sad.

Who will be running for president in 2008 for each party? God save us if it is a Bush and a Clinton.

I am looking forward to not being distracted by the campaign, and not checking a blog or a newssource every five minutes at work.

I am eagerly looking forward to the end of the political advertising, which has been downright mean this year.

I think that the result of this election is good for my stock portfolio, at least in the short run. I think it will be even better for my portfolio if I buy some shares of Halliburton or some oil futures, but I won't be doing that.

I don't know what the big controversy is about the exit polls. These are just like any other polls, with a substantial margin of error. They are totally unreliable for predicting the actual outcome of an election, but valuable for studying an election after it occurs.

There is going to be a huge debate in the coming years whether to raise taxes or cut spending. While this debate is always philosophically going on in Washington, it will become increasingly important because of the size of the deficit.

I flipped channels a lot last night, and I most enjoyed the coverage from CBS and CNN. I had high hopes for NBC and MS-NBC, but Tim Russert was boring this time, and MS-NBC just had a bunch of partisans arguing the whole night.

I think gerrymandring, which both parties engage in, is a national disgrace.

Like 2002, although the net seats in both houses of Congress increased for Republicans, I don't think that the margins of the votes in any of the races reveal a clear mandate, though the Republican are likely to market the victory as a mandate.

I think Bush's popularity could take serious hits during his second term, but I don't think he really cares too much about that happening.

I think now that the election is over, more moderate Republicans might begin to break from the president's hard line conservative ideological policies, especially John McCain. I hope so, anyway. Somebody needs to lead the moderate progessives in this country.

There are some extremely bitter anit-Bush people posting all over the web. I'm more sad than bitter. Some of these folks are suggesting impeachment for Bush. That seems unlikely given the makeup of the House and Senate, unless news develops that Bush orchestrated 9/11. Come on, people! Impeachment? Let's have a little respect for the institutions of democracy. Impeachment is not the way to get rid of a president that has been elected by the people of this country.

Facitious thought: Since the electoral map doesn't seem to change much from election to election, maybe the U.S. should split into two countries. The northeast can be the Blue.S.A. and the south can be the U.Red.A. We can give the upper midwest and the northwest back to the Native Americans.


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