The Stork Has Landed!!

This past Friday night, I picked Dominic up from school and we arrived home to find Melissa and Sharon extracting boxes from the attic. Earlier in the day, we had made plans to visit Mark, Sherri and their new baby boy Troy. As the ladies finished up their chore, I called Mark to make sure it was a good time to visit. During my conversation with Mark, Sharon and Dominic had migrated downstairs to turn on a cartoon, and Melissa took her leave. A few moments later, after some prodding to get Dominic to turn the TV off, he and Sharon came upstairs to get ready to leave for Mark's house. Dominic was being slightly disagreeable, so I was somewhat distracted by trying to get him to cooperate through pleading and bribing. During this endeavor, I chanced to notice a T-Shirt that was placed overtop of Dominic's sweatshirt. I thought this odd, so I tried to read the lettering on the shirt. As I reached to straighten the shirt out, I discerned the words "I'm the big brother", or something to that effect. The first thought that came to my mind was that Sharon put the shirt on Dominic as a joke, referring to Dominic being new baby Troy's "big brother." Dominic was complaining about the shirt, and wanted it removed. Around this time, I noticed a grin on Sharon's face, and it suddenly hit me like a shot of whiskey on an empty stomach. I started to smile, and asked if the shirt was referring to something closer to home. Sharon confirmed the news, and told me all about her test result from earlier in the evening. I wasn't sure how accurate such tests were, so I quizzed her on the particulars. As she explained the mechanics of the little plastic stick with a vertical stripe on it, I became convinced. Dominic truly is to become the big brother! We are all three excited, as are the few others to whom the news has leaked: Melissa, Mark, Sherri, Mark's Mom, Lynae, Alice and Jim. We are going to wait until we visit Iowa this weekend so that we can tell Grandma Judy and PapPap Giz in person. And, as an added bonus, great-granny is visiting from Pennsylvania, so she will get to hear the news first hand from Dominic.

Everything is exciting! Sharon has already purchased some bibs, Dominic has told our neighbor Gabe and I have been contemplating the blessing of our expanding family. I am praying that everything goes as smoothly this time as it did in 1999/2000, and that approximately nine months hence we are gifted with a healthy and precious new life to behold.


Sean said…
congratulations! i'll be watching for updates...

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