William Elliott Whitmore

I checked the website of Southern Records, and I noticed that Willie is releasing a new CD in February 2005, titled "Ashes to Dust."

For those that don't know, Willie is the younger brother of one of my best friends. The Whitmore family is a model of dignity. My friendship with Willie's older brother Jon dates back to my grade school years. In highschool, Jon and I developed a close friendship and learned many of life's lessons together. Though Jon can sometimes be crude, he is always true, honest and selfless.

I would like to be able to attend another concert of Willie's. I did make it over to Lawrence, KS last December to see him play at a small club. I had a great time hanging out with him before the show, and watching him perform. Though I haven't heard any of his new music, the track titles alone are revealing, and have me eagerly anticipating being able to hear the songs.

Incidentally, the album title "Ashes to Dust" reminds me of a quote that I've seen attributed to Jack London: "I'd rather be ashes than dust."


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