You know its a GREAT season when.....

The Steelers defeat the Brownies to go 9-1 on their own turf while literally beating them up even before the game starts. Generally, I don't condone violence. But, when it comes to the Steelers and the Browns, I'd like to see everyone in an orange helmet with a split lower lip like the one that Joey Porter delivered to William Green yesterday. I kind of wish Cowher would have slugged Butch Davis after the game, but that was asking a little much. Anyway, this dream of a season continued yesterday in another masterful performance by the defense and offensive line. On to Cincinnatti, which will not be an easy game. That is good. I hope the Ravens keep winning, too, so the Steelers don't rest on their laurels. I think there is little chance of them letting up though, since they have more than once been in this position.

Go Steelers!!!!

Here we go Steelers, Here we go!!

I've got a feeling......


Sean said…
the Vikings stink.

good on yer Steelers, though.
tjirwin said…
Bring on the Bengals!

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