Are you Jesus?

The following story was told to the congregation of Holy Family Catholic Church by Father Matthew this past Sunday. I found the story inspiring.

Are you Jesus:

A group of salespeople were attending a weekend conference at a hotel. The meeting was filled with boisterous laughing, shouting and arguing; exactly what you might expect from a sales conference. By the end of the third day, tempers were short and the salespeople wanted to get home to their families. When the adjournment of the meeting was announced, the men and women quickly gathered their purses, hats, coats and other valuable belongings and herded toward the awaiting bus outside that would take them to the airport. On their rush to gain the exit, some of the salespeople tipped over a stand that had been set up by a young man hoping to sell snacks to the participants of the conference. Food and money spilled and scattered everywhere. The rushing salespeople barely noticed the young man trying to pick up his belongings. Some of them stepped on his goods, and others nearly stepped on the boy himself.

As the final salespeople filed onto the bus, one of them felt a twinge of regret for not stopping to help the boy. He decided to return to the conference room to see if he could be of assistance. He was glad that he did. It turned out that the boy was blind. The man, knowing that he would miss his bus, patiently helped the boy clean up the entire mess. Then, he pulled out his wallet and handed the boy a sum of money saying, "here, take this for the damage that we have caused."

As the man began to walk away to attempt to hail a taxi, the bewildered boy called after him. When the man turned around, the boy asked in a quiet voice, "are you Jesus?"

In a sense, he was.

Father Matthews sermon was about being a pointer toward Jesus, like John the Baptist was. We should live our lives so that, after encountering us, people will ask, "was that Jesus." This is how Jesus is manifested in the 21st century. He is alive--through us.


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