Barry "U.S." Bonds

I remember back in the early 1990s when Chris Berman of ESPN would refer to Barry Bonds as Barry "U.S." Bonds. In fact, he may still use this moniker. I would not know, since my passion for baseball fizzled with the 1994 season. I now only follow the game from a distance that only seems to increase each year. This past week's news, admissions and controversy about "performance enhancing drugs" did not surprise me in the least. However, it does make me sad, if only from a nostalgic perspective. Back when Bonds played for Pittsburgh, I hoped and prayed with all my heart that he would lead them to a World Series title. Unfortunately, his playoff performance as a Pirate resembled the St. Louis Cardinals in this year's World Series.

It seems like Berman was on to something when he nicknamed Barry "U.S." Here are my theories of what Berman might have had in mind:

Barry "Uses Steroids" Bonds
Barry "Useless SituationalHitterInThePlayoffs" Bonds
Barry "Unfair Statistics" Bonds
Barry "Utterly Surly" Bonds
Barry "Underhanded Slugger" Bonds


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